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You should be getting rejections

If you do not have enough business and you aren’t getting rejected then you’re not sending out enough proposals or trying hard enough in your business. It’s true, being rejected is part of being a freelancer. As a Virtual Assistant you are a freelancer and you are going to have to seek out the projects that you want. You might have to send 100 proposals before you get one yes… but send the proposals, you must.

Make it a goal to be rejected at least once a day.

Talk to enough people each day about your business that you will get at least one person saying the words, “no I am not interested” at least once. Once you get that rejection, not the “I’ll call you later” or “not today” but the “out and out NO” then you can stop for the day if you wish. But remember, each no gets you closer to the yes that you need and want.

You should be asking for the work that you want and seeking the opportunities that are out there. As a freelancer, no one is going to do it for you. It’s up to you! Just remember that when your proposals are rejected it is not always your fault. Sometimes you’re just not the right fit or it wasn’t the right time. That is okay because each time you send out a proposal, each time you talk to a prospective client, and each time you reach out you will learn something and you will get better.

So go out there and get rejected!

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