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You need skills not experience to work as a VA

Some people think that since they’ve never worked specifically as a virtual assistant that they can’t do it. They think they need to work practically free, if not free, to gain experience. Well, it depends on what you mean by no experience. If you’ve been an office administrator for any length of time, you have experience. If you’ve been a secretary for any time at all, you have experience. Just because it was not in the virtual environment doesn’t mean you don’t have experience.

Consider the fact that you probably received most of your assignments at your job via email, or via a project management system of some kind. Maybe you got your assignments via telephone. Most of the time your supervisor did not come to your desk to tell you what to do. More than likely you were on auto pilot day in and day out with things appearing for you to do either via your computer, the phone, or perhaps items winding up in an inbox of some kind.

Working from home as a Virtual Assistant is not much different.

You will set up a project management system of some sort that works for you, in which your clients can assign tasks for you to accomplish and in which you can upload deliverables. You’ll also need some sort of method to keep track of time, invoicing, and your inflow and outflow. You can use a combination of, Freshbooks, and Paypal for this. Everyone of these have a free version that you can start out with and work your way up to the paid version as you make more money and get more clients.

The reasons people start a VA business vary from true entrepreneurial drive to the desire to not just survive in hard times but to thrive. Because, a Virtual Assistant can make a full time living from home. Almost anything that you did in an office can be done online from answering phone calls, to data entry, to bookkeeping, to the more obvious social media management.

If you’re unsure what to do from home you can seek out training from reputable places like VA Classroom. They offer training in a variety of different, in demand tasks that VAs can do to earn money from home. To get started right away you need to become your own best client.

What I mean by that is you need to build your website, decide what services you’ll offer and to whom, and then start marketing your business via social media,  networking events both online and offline, and by putting up regular blogs on your website that teaches your target audience what you will do for them.

What’s holding you back from getting started? Let me know what roadblocks you believe are in your way in the comment section below.

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