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Guest Blogging Guidelines


Types of Blogs We Accept

Audience —  Must be directed to the Virtual Assistant Audience especially Virtual Assistants who are Moms.

Exclusive and Original Content — May not be published on your blog or any other blog in original or any modified form and must be exclusive to Virtual Assistant Moms. In other words this blog post may not be modified and published anyplace else on the net or off the net.

Common Reasons for Rejection  of your Guest Blog

  • Sponsored paid blog posts/links
  • Previously published by you (whether modified or not)
  • Self promotional  blog post for your product and or service
  • Contains affiliate links or sponsored links or deep links
  • Fake author info, you  must be a real person with a real Internet presence.
  • Rude Content, adult content, links to adult sites, redirects
  • Copyrighted content or images
  • Too short, not at least 500 words long
  • Poor quality images
  • Refusal to follow guidelines

Guest Post Format  — Please use the following format and guidelines:

  • Introduction — Your name or nickname will be introduced in the first line as “Guest post by” with a link to your site using your name as the anchor text.
  • First Line of post — This line becomes the META description tag of the blog post, choose your words wisely.
  • Article Text — Make it look good. Add bold, underlines, bullets, numbered lists, paragraphs and header tags, etc… wherever required to give your article text more clarity.
  • Images — You must own all rights to images and prove that you do. Images may be resized but needs to be nice looking and clear.
  • Author Byline — Add one link to your site in your article byline which links to Using your Sites Name as the Anchor text.

How to Submit Guest Blog Post

  • Send your blog post by email to Stephanie at vamom at
  • Attach article in Word or Open Office Format.
  • Attach images separately with same email.
  • Alternatively, you can send an HTML version in a Text file that links to the images on your server.
  • Confirm source of image for credits and CC license.
  • Include your twitter URL or your Google + URL to add to our guest bloggers list.


Your blog post will be published within 7 days if it meets all guidelines. You will be notified if it will be published, you will not be notified if it’s not going to be published. Feel free to use the blog post elsewhere if you don’t hear from anyone in 7 days.

Please answer comments, share with your social media networks, and promote your content. The more people who like your post and comment on it the more often we will publish your guest posts. We will take up to one per 7 days.