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Write for VA Moms


If you’d like to write for VA Moms we are accepting Guest Bloggers.

We can’t pay you but you can get a link in your bio to your site. We especially would love for someone to commit to at least one blog post per week, but if you just want to write once, and you have a good idea that’s great too.

Blog posts MUST be directed toward Virtual Assistants and have a Mom bias.

You may not sell anything in your blog posts, it must be informational and helpful and go beyond “How to be a VA”. If you want to write a one time blog post a good idea is a “How I got started” post, or “Why I love being a VA” post.

If you have another idea, send a message with your pitch. Do not submit blog posts via the contact form. If you’re chosen you’ll be given your own sign on to write your posts yourself into the WordPress platform to be approved by an editor.

So, if you think you have something to share with other Moms and Virtual Assistants let us know via our contact form. Tell us as much as you can and don’t forget a way to contact you.

You will be required to have a picture and use your real name and you need a website to link to and you need to be an actual Virtual Assistant.