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Working at home has advantages

On one hand, working at home can be difficult due to people thinking that you don’t work, but on the other hand we are in a unique situation where we really CAN reschedule our time to help out our family, drive our children here and there, and otherwise schedule our work on our own time around the needs of our family.

Sure there will be times where you have a deadline and you must tell everyone no, but if you schedule your time well, this should rarely happen. If you know how to say no to clients who are too demanding of your time in an unreasonable way, and no to your family and friends when tasks they ask of you are not truly important (junior can wait five minutes for a cookie).

You can find balance in your life when you work from home. How do you find balance? What are your tips? Let us know.

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Stephanie has been working from home for over 20 years as a virtual assistant, template bender, and content writer. She's currently transitioning to business coach. You can learn more about her at her website

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