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Willingness, deliberateness, momentum

Every year at Solo Masterminds Kelly McCausey picks one to three words and asks that we all try to pick one to three words to be our theme or motivation for the year. This is instead of a new year’s resolution. You can ready Kelly’s post here where she explains her own word for 2014 as well as how this all started.

It really does work and it will help you in your life and your business. I highly recommend choosing one to three words to move you forward in the coming year. It’s better than a new years resolution because the words mean more than promising to do something. Here are my words, and why I chose them.

Here are my words for 2014.



I chose this word because I want to be open to new things in 2014. I have a tendency to like my comfort zone. It’s not that I feel incapable of doing something else, it’s more like I’m not often willing to change or willing to move past where I am. So this year, I want to be willing to try new things, experiment with new products and services, and move my business to the next level.




I believe that anytime you have an intention to do something, you also have to act. I want to be very deliberate in my actions and not rush to the end. The steps do matter when it comes to what I do. I’m already pretty deliberate in terms of my client schedules and client work, but I want to be more deliberate when doing work for myself. I want to be fully awake and be very intentional with my actions to move my business forward.




In physics they define momentum as “mass in motion”. A way to describe this is much like making a snowball, the more you roll it the bigger it gets, if you roll it down a hill it will get bigger and bigger and as it gets more massive it’ll move even faster toward its goal. ¬†For me, momentum means that my willingness and deliberateness will result in a “snowball effect” within my business in terms of growth and results.



Let me know what your three words are down below. If you want to have more fun discovering more about yourself and making your business successful please consider joining me at Solo Masterminds. This is a wonderful group of business owners who help each other selflessly in their business endeavors.

I know I would not be where I am, if not for this group. If you join, drop me a note. I offer discounts to all Solo Mastermind Members that aren’t published, whether you join due to my recommendation or not. Plus, the truth is, what you get from the group is truly priceless and I know that it will help you as much as it has me over the years.


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