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Why you need a Website

These days, if you do not have your own website, then you pretty much do not exist.  This is especially true if you are trying to do any kind of business on the Internet.  Without a website, you are hard to take serious and you may have difficulty getting clients.  But fear not, this is easy to solve!

With a small investment, you can have a website up and running very quickly.  There are many sites that will give you a website for free and they will have templates to help you get started.  You may prefer to set up a blog instead which is like a website but is a bit more fluid so you can add to it easily.  Depending on the types of services you are offering may help you determine which site is better for you.

You should definitely get your own domain name.  A free site likely has a URL such as which does not look very professional so take ten dollars or so and get your own domain name. If you are running your business under your personal name, then it may be best to just register but if you are calling your business something else, you should register that.  These days, you pretty much have to register the name the moment you can, as they disappear very quickly!

Your website should have all the information a potential client needs.  This includes your rates, what type of work you provide; examples if possible and testimonials from clients.  If you write articles, you should have links to where your articles have been published.  If you create websites, you should have links to sites you have made for others.  You should also have a resume posted especially if you have taken any courses or classes to help enhance your skills.

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