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Why Virtual Assistants Need an EIN

The majority of virtual assistants work on a freelance basis. This translates into the fact that they are working in a role as independent contractors.  In essence this means that they are in business for themselves and that they must take care of reporting all of their income to the federal government at the end of the year.

In order to facilitate this, many businesses that use the services of a virtual assistant will ask them to fill out a form that is called a W-9.  This form includes identifying information about the virtual assistant plus their social security number or EIN (employer identification number) which the government uses in order to keep up with the revenues that they have accumulated throughout the year so that they can calculate the taxes that are due the government.

Anyone who is self employed and is in what the government considers a sole proprietorship type business is required to use their social security number or attain an employee identification number to report their taxable earnings or revenue to the government each year. Information concerning these matters is completed on the forms listed above.

Due to the high incidence of identity theft most people feel that it is more prudent to attain an employer identification number than use their social security number. This way their social security number is not released to various business contacts that they are working with during the year.

The employer identification number is considered much safer to use for this purpose. Virtual assistants can also perform services such as tax preparation. Those who perform these services  should also attain a tax preparer ID so that they do not have to use their social security number in that aspect of their services.

Apply for an EIN online now – It’s Free!

Form that you will have to fill out for various clients. I just keep one on hand.

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  1. We have an LLC, so an EIN is covered.

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