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Why Staying Connected is Essential to Success

connectedYou may not realize it but your past clients, employers, and connections are very important to your future clients, employers and connections.

Even if a client has moved on, it doesn’t mean that the relationship was poor or that they don’t like you anymore. Keeping connected to them can be a source of references, testimonials, and referrals.

Send Them Cards

If you have a list of their special days a great and non-intrusive way to keep in touch is to send them cards on their special days. You can even automate the process through services such as Send Out Cards or other online services like the Cards Store. I’m not an affiliate of either of these, but I’ve used them both and it’s a great way to keep connected.

Share News With Them

If you read an article about their business, or industry, and you think they’ll find it interesting send it to them. You can cut it out and send in the mail, or if you’re connected to them on social media, or by email you can forward it to them that way. Either way, they’ll appreciate that you remember what they find important and interesting.

Send Them a Gift

If you can find a gift related to your products and services or give of your own products and services this is usually better. But, you can send them small gifts that will help them remember you such as a magnetized business card for their fridge, or a coffee mug with your logo. You never know when one of these small gestures will make the client remember you, give you a call and rehire you or refer someone new to you.

Reach Out Directly

By simply sending an email, or calling on a person that you’ve had a past relationship with, without any agenda than to stay connected you’ll improve the relationship. Tell them you’re just checking in with them and hope they’re doing well. You can do this via email or by voice mail if you know the person’s cell phone number. There are services that allow you to just send a voice mail without the person answering.

Ask Them to Join Your Newsletter or Mailing List

Many past clients may already be part of your mailing list, but if they’re not, send them an invite to join it. Tell them that you often update on the industry, offer sales, and more through your newsletter for past clients. They may join, which will give you another avenue to connect with you, or they may choose not to. But it’s a non intrusive way of staying connected.

By staying at the top of your past clients’ minds you’ll create a situation where the client will think of you when they want to recommend someone. Plus, if they need additional work done, they’ll be more likely to think of you first because you’ve done a good job of staying connected. Staying connected to your old friends, college buddies and others is also essential. You never know who will be of help to you in the future.

Today, it’s easier than ever to stay connected due to social media like that allows for professional connections online. Staying connected to past clients will  be a source of references, testimonials, and referrals that will last a long time.

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  1. I was out with Kelly McCausey yesterday and she said she used to get her feelings hurt when she’d see former clients working with another designer (back when she still did web design). Finally she asked one why they didn’t come to her. The answer? “Oh, I forgot about you!”

    If ever there was a reason to stay in touch with your former clients, that’s it! Good reminder, and some great tips for doing so here. Thanks!
    Cindy recently posted..12 Reasons to Mail Your ListMy Profile

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