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Why do I need a niche?

I was asked this question recently in email, so I thought I would answer it here. Why can’t I just do whatever the client needs me to do?

Well, for one, the more you do one task the more efficient you become, therefore the more money you will make and the happier your clients will be.  If you try to be everything to everyone your business will suffer. You won’t be able to attract the clients because when they look at your website, or talk to you about what you do, you won’t be able to sufficiently tell them.

Many people who hire a Virtual Assistant are not sure what they need. When they go to your site and see a small targeted group of packages to support their business they will feel relieved to see what a VA can do for them. If they go to your site and see an unending list they will become overwhelmed and not know what to hire you to do.

Many new Virtual Assistants, myself included, accept every client that comes their way because they are afraid to lose out on the money. I mean, face it, we need money to live, and sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do in order to make money… right?

Maybe, but if you only take clients that you want to work for, doing things that you enjoy and want to do, you will keep space in your schedule to have more of the same. If you take clients you do not like, doing projects you hate, you will be stuck all day long doing things you hate and you will burn out. You may as well take a J.O.B. for someone else and forget being an entrepreneur.

So that is why you need a niche. So what is your niche?  Do you need help figuring it out?

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  1. I just fell into my niche, which I love. I post threads for people on their social websites, be it their blog, forum, Facebook page, twitter account, Ning site…whatever is needed. It’s enjoyable work for me, and really gives peace of mind to my clients that there is some activity and buzz online around their business.

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