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What to Do When Life Gets in the Way

As work at home moms we all have that moment or moments or even weeks where nothing goes right. For me it was having a huge amount of work due(I overbooked), a child who broke his arm and a sick 2 year old. Between doctors visits and sitting with a sick child I was at wits end and I knew I was unable to meet a few deadlines.  What do you do in this situation? In my case I emailed clients and got extensions on my deadlines. What can you do to help ease this situation?

First, plan ahead. If I had not booked every moment of my 40 hour work week then I would have had some time to play with. When agreeing to work for a client give yourself a window of time to use in case of an emergency. If they want it in an hour, will that be pushing you? What if your child’s school calls in the next 30 minutes to say your child broke their arm? Now I realize this is extreme and if you have understanding clients that’s great. Not all clients will be reasonable. In planning ahead, keep a list of fellow business ladies that can help you out in a crunch. People that do the same job you do.

Now if you’ve planned ahead then a personal emergency shouldn’t be a business catastrophe. However, there are going to be those moments where planning just didn’t work out. In this case you need to evaluate the situation and notify any clients about any changes that need to be made temporarily. Notice I said evaluate the situation BEFORE talking to clients. What can seem like an emergency right this minute may be calm and back to normal by tonight. On the opposite side of things, something that doesn’t seem like an ongoing issue may take a week to resolve.

In short, make a plan to ward off issues of work getting done in case of an emergency. Don’t worry if you have to call/email a client and inform them that you’re out of commission for a few days. However, I do recommend that doing so is a last resort.

Michele Casteel is a freelance writer, ghostwriter and novelist who resides with her four rambunctious children and loving husband in the heart of the South. Last year she created her own small publishing company. She has recently released Writing Fiction 101 for beginners

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  1. My solution is to not really have many timely items on a client schedule. There may be a few scheduled chats or some contest deadline buzz i need to focus on, or getting people excited about a holiday…but for the most part my work is simple and steady and I use my own judgement on what needs to be done.

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