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What Skills Should A Good Virtual Assistant Have?

There are varying opinions on the exact skills that a virtual assistant should have to be proficient in their job. Most of these positions are specialized as to the business owner’s needs. Therefore some of the skills will depend on the individual contract at hand.

In general a good virtual assistant should be very detail and task oriented. Most of their work is time sensitive so they should be very organized and have excellent project management skills. They should have at least one to two years business management experience. They also need to have strong computer skills.

If they do not have business management experience they should have had at least three years experience in an administrative role in business. They also need to have excellent interpersonal skills that will allow them to communicate effectively with their client. A VA should also be able to deliver their projects for their clients on time. The projects should meet or exceed their clients expectations.

They should also have the following character traits to do their job well. A virtual assistant has to be reliable and deliver their jobs on time when expected.  They need to be honest, keep any sensitive material confidential for the client. They also should have a strong work ethic.  A virtual assistant should have a good sense of creativity and have an abundance of energy. They should anticipate problems before they arise and offer solutions to their clients.

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