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What should be included on your VA Website

The homepage of your site will be your first impression on any perspective client. You will want this page to portray a realistic and professional overview of your business. It can mention the services you offer, how long you have been a VA, or other essential information that will help a visitor stay on your site.

An about page should also be created for your VA website. This area should talk about you as the owner of the business, as well as the business itself. If you prefer to offer services locally, provide the reader with the areas you service. Provide any information regarding education, training, and skills you possess. End this page with contact information. A separate contact page should also be created, which you can link to from your about page.

Services should be included on your website. This can be a list of everything you offer your clients. However, it is usually better to go a little more in-depth than just tossing out a list. Some clients may not be familiar with virtual assistant terms, especially if they have never outsourced this type of work before. It is helpful to actually explain what you can provide your customers. Being informational will allow many clients to make the decision on whether to use your services before they contact you.

A properly organized navigation menu should be displayed on every page of your website. People who cannot easily find the information they are looking for tend to close the website and go to the next one. This can mean a loss of clientele for your business. The menu is generally located along the left side of the page, or across the page directly below the header. Check regularly to make sure all the links work, and that they point to the proper pages.

A page displaying the testimonials from previous clients can also be beneficial for a virtual assistant business. This can allow people to see that others have enjoyed your services in the past, helping them in making the decision to choose your business over other options. You should not take these statements, but offer the opinions of real people that can be verified upon request. Ask some of your current as well as previous clients for these testimonials. Those that like your services and quality of work will gladly put in a good word for you.

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