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What kinds of Tasks can my Virtual Assistant Do

You can have your virtual assistant do pretty much any task you can think of, provided they know how to do it.  Even if you are not sure if there is a task they can do, you can always ask them and see if they are capable of it.

Some examples of tasks Virtual Assistants complete for their clients:

–          Creating presentations

–          Answering phones

–          Data Entry

–          Billing

–          Marketing

–          Social Media updates

–          Customer Newsletters

–          Customer Service phone calls

–          Website updates

You can also find virtual assistants who specialize in certain areas such as web design.  This type of assistant would help you with all items that would be related to your website from design, SEO, promotion, maintenance and more.  Before engaging their services, ask them exactly what they can provide for you.

Another specialty for virtual assistants is real estate.  Your assistant can help you manage your listings and promote the properties that you are representing.  If you are looking for this type of assistant, it is best to find one who has worked in the industry as then they will understand the industry better.

Most people only think of virtual assistants as doing jobs that the typical secretary or administrative assistant would undertake, but in reality, the virtual assistant can do a lot more.  Anything that you would have an assistant for in the physical world, you can have an assistant for online.


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