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What constitutes a good business proposal?

A good business proposal should be a professional attempt to gain new clients for your business. It should entice the company to seek your virtual assistant services over all others. There are a few things to keep in mind if you wish to construct an effective business proposal to send to potential buyers.

The most critical factor in a good business proposal is professionalism. While you want to lightly sale to the prospective client in your letter, you want to do it in a way that it cannot be explicitly detected. A formally written proposal will be free from spelling and grammar mistakes. It will get your points across in a thorough manner, leaving no confusion or ambiguity for the reader.

A good virtual assistant business proposal will answer every question asked by the request for proposal. Sometimes a request is in writing and has very specific guidelines, other times the request is due to an interview. Makes sure that you answer all questions the potential client has regarding your services within your proposal so that your services stand out above others.

A good business proposal will also be one that sets your services apart from all other business. When a company is searching for a specific venture, they may have hundreds of inquiries to wade through. If yours is just as mundane as most of the others, it will likely be thrown into the pile that will not be considered. On the other hand, if you can offer fresh ideas, affordable prices, or beneficial terms, your proposal may make it to the final step of the decision making process.

Other things to add to your business proposal that will help to make it effectively work for you are your background information. When offering your virtual assistant services, you want to let your potential customers know what experience you have with the tasks you will be performing. It will help to have specialized training in the areas of service you plan to provide.

Include information about your company, if you have work under a business name. Be sure that the client knows a great deal about you and what you have to offer before they finish reading your proposal. Also, include information such as your procedures for running your business, accepted payment methods, and multiple methods for contacting you regarding your services.

Once you write your proposal convert it to PDF format and attach it to an email, or send it via snail mail. Your proposal will look more professional and will not be subject to accidental formatting changes that happen in email. If your prospect does not want attachments, of course, follow their instructions to the letter.

Do you have any tips to constructing a great proposal? Share below!

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