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What a year 2012 has been for this family

We sent our last child off to college, sent our brother to heaven, and now one of our daughter’s, the oldest, is getting married in November. Plus, we are moving, and going on vacation the first week of October, oh and I got jury duty the second and third week in October! Wow. It’s fortunate I work from home because I am not sure I could cope with the stress of everything if I didn’t work from home running my own business.

If I had to be at a job 8 hrs a day (really 10 when you count lunch and commute time) I would be going nuts because I would not be able to work in my family’s needs during the morning and the time I have off work. PLUS, my husband does have a job that he works four days a week, Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon. I’d never see him again if I worked a normal Mon-Fri job.

Being a Virtual Assistant who specializes in the content needs of my clients is a great way to earn money and be creative while being able to do the tasks at my own time, as long as I meet my client’s deadline. It’s not the same as other types of VA work where I need to be there at 8 am every morning. I can write content, edit content (or have it written by one of my writers, which I then edit) and upload content any time I want to, even 3am, which I often do. It works for my family.

That’s what’s great about being a VA. You can pick a niche that will work around the time that you have to devote to your work. I only work 20 to 30 hours a week and I make a full time living. I really don’t desire to work more, or less, or change anything about my situation. I like how it is now.

Sometimes it takes a while for a new VA to find her (or his) groove. I know when I started out I didn’t choose a niche, I just did what came along and sometimes it felt too much like a job and like I was chained to this desk chair 10 hours a day. Now I don’t feel that way at all. I simply look at my schedule for the day, which I’ve set up based on deadlines, and work from there. I schedule most of my work on the days my husband works too! That way I have maximum time off with him. Three glorious days a week. All the more glorious now that the kids are out of the nest and on their own.

We feel like newlyweds.

Okay, enough of that!

My entire point is that you can have a flexible career right from the comfort of your home office, or even your kitchen table. If you have the right skills you can choose a niche that fits them and fits your schedule.

Take a look at my eBook Package Becoming a Successful Virtual Assistant: Getting Started —  if you want to get started on the right path toward working from home as a Virtual Assistant.

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