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We’re all moved in to our new house

nNafwluWe are moved into our new house, no pictures yet because things are a mess. But soon.  Even with the mess around me I have to get back to work today.

We both took a week off to move everything in, clean up the apartment, turn in the keys and all that stuff and here it is, time for us to return to work already.

My husband was happy that we now have a garage for his car, to help a little with this cold weather we’re having down in Alabama. It’s only 14 degrees F here today. Can you believe that?

I mean, that’s sort of why I moved from Kansas to Alabama was to escape that weather. But, my poor husband still had to get out of the house and trek through the cold, and then go work in a place where he sometimes has to go outside. Meanwhile, I’m toasty warm inside my new office, albeit with a space heater. It’s one of the things I love most about working from home.

What do you love about working from home? Answer down below. I know sometimes working for yourself can be overwhelming, frustrating, and everything a J.O.B. is, but what makes it worth it for you to wake up every morning and get to work?

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