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Virtual Assistants Vision, Values and Happiness

Being a Virtual Assistant often requires us to do what others consider mundane tasks – such as organizing a database – and sometimes the people who hire us to do them do not understand that it is OK with us that some tasks are boring and mundane.

It’s OK that some tasks do not give us great pleasure or make us happy.

When I have to do some tasks that I really do not enjoy, and there are a few, instead of focusing on the task and how it makes me feel, I focus on the results of the task.

The results of the task are what bring satisfaction. For instance, I am satisfied after I have deleted excess data out of a database because it makes my client happy.

My client feels more organized, and I feel happy about that.

Does that make me strange? I don’t think so.

Many people get pleasure out of what they are giving and providing for others – and it is perfectly fine if this is what makes you happy.

In fact, it is likely that if you are able to feel satisfaction from these types of tasks because of the results of the task you will have a better career, more clients, and feel over all more successful.

Work is about so much more than money. Yes, we need money to pay the bills, but ultimately research shows that people do not stay in jobs just because of the money.

Aside from money people like to feel useful, creative, and appreciated. People often take less money to get these benefits. Don’t take less money than you need to survive, but don’t set yourself up to work for people who do not share your vision.

So, if you are a Virtual Assistant you can create a situation where you feel useful, creative, and appreciated by not accepting clients who do not share your vision and values. If you are someone who hires Virtual Assistants you can remember that yes, the VA needs to be paid, but she also needs to feel appreciated and valued.

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