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Virtual Assistant Websites – Yes you do need one!

I am often asked by other moms who want to be Virtual Assistants two questions.

1) Do I have to have a website?

Short answer: YES! Without a website how in the world will you compete with all the other Virtual Assistants out there who do have websites. The title of your profession implies that you have some sort of technical knowledge.

Either make your own site, or have one made. It is essential.

2) and what should I include on my website?

Your VA website should be a reflection of who you are but most importantly it should be about the benefits you will provide your clients. It should be clear what your niche is by reading your site.

Know your target market prior to creating your website.

Then consider the question: What do I want potential clients to know?

Most websites are pretty basic when you think about it. They all include a Home Page, some sort of banner or logo, an about me page,  services, rates and contact me page – the typical stuff.  It is possible though, to include much more.

You can include downloadable files such as a brochure, a resume, contracts, and policies. Your site can show testimonials, examples of some of the types of work you do and much more.

You can even include a personal video message or podcast if you want to.

Your website is one of your most important marketing materials; it is vital that it convey the message that the client needs to hear in order to make the decision to hire you.

What makes you different? Why should they  hire you? How will your services differ from the next Virtual Assistant’s services?

If you’ve narrowed down your niche, you should be able to give a full list of tasks that you can perform for your client that will make them happy to pay you each and every month.

Essentially, all of these tasks will be administrative in nature, but it helps a client to see the tasks explained.

It might be hard for a client to understand the types of tasks that can be completed remotely. If you tell them, and explain it to them, they will get it, and they will see the benefits which is what will cause them to hire you.

Remember that your website is a huge reflection of you and your work product. Make sure that you become your own best client first.

Create a professional, mature, and serious website that talks about the benefits that you provide your clients.

Now days it is not only popular but important to include a blog on your website but I caution you, do not talk about personal and private matters.

No one who is going to hire you cares if you are having trouble with your bowels, or if you’re mad at your spouse. Keep these things private. That is not to say you cannot let them in a little. It is okay to relay a cute story as long as it always comes right back to the topic at hand.

And Remember: The topic is – the benefits that you provide to your clients.

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