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Virtual Assistant – the perfect Military Spouse Career

Due to the advent of wonderful new technology military spouses can now enjoy very lucrative and rewarding careers as Virtual Assistants. As long as you have a high speed internet connection available, and a few key software programs, you can be a virtual assistant.

I was a Military Wife for over 15 years. My first online job was actually a volunteer job running a Family Forum on a service called Delphi in the mid 90’s I believe.  I did not get paid, but there was hope and promise of pay eventually. Unfortunately we were deployed to Germany where the cost of being online was prohibitive.  Today the costs are much less, so it is likely that you can be a Virtual Assistant from almost any location around the world. In any case,  this was my first experience working from home online and it was the first time I realized I could make money from home.

Over the years I dabbled in many work at home jobs but the real money always came back down working as a Virtual Assistant. There are many niches a Virtual Assistant can be involved in. I have been a community manager, a data entry operator, a receptionist and a bookkeeper, all from home. Any of these positions can be done if you’re a Military Spouse who moves around a lot. Your moves will not affect your job in anyway, especially if you have a laptop and can take it with you while in the process of moving.

Virtual Assistance is the original movable career. We can take our laptops to the beach, or on a business trip, or to pitch our services to a new client in person.  Alternatively we can just send our videotaped interview to clients over the Internet. Today almost anything is possible. Heck, I even do work while waiting at the doctor’s office, or in the parking lot being Taxi Mom.

Don’t allow being a Military Spouse to stifle your entrepreneur’s spirit. Know that you can be a Virtual Assistant as a Military Spouse. No more having to completely rebuild our business every time you move as you would with direct sales or other work at home opportunities.

Make sure you check with your housing office about the rules regarding home businesses on post, but in my experience nothing about being a VA would disallow it. Obtain the proper office equipment and licensing, get your website and marketing materials up, and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to a rewarding and profitable career as a Virtual Assistant.

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