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Virtual Assistant Profile — What should be included?

Virtual assistant profile

When you are starting your Virtual Assistant business it is important that you create a virtual assistant profile that is consistent across all your business social networks, websites, and job boards.

But, what should be included on your virtual assistant profile, job board profiles, or your about me page on your virtual assistant website?

Always include:

Your Name

Sounds crazy but a lot of virtual assistants never include their own name, or real name. If you’re afraid to use your real name on the Internet, it is possible that being a virtual assistant might not be for you. Include your real business name in your virtual assistant profile if you want to create a feeling of trust in those who are reading it.

Your Skills

Your potential clients who take the time to read your virtual assistant profile or your about me area on your virtual assistant website will want to know what your skills are. What can you do? What do you do well? What are you an expert in? Include things like: how many words you type a minute, and other typical secretarial information such as what software you are proficient in and expert in using.


If you have some nice recommendations or testimonials include those in your virtual assistant profile. Potential employers will really like seeing what others say about you and your services. It is important that the testimonials are real, so if you don’t have any yet, consider asking for them. People are usually happy to give a virtual assistant testimonial when asked.

Contact information

It is important that your virtual assistant profile also include information about how to be contacted. It would really suck to have a perfect profile but no easy way to contact you. Don’t assume that the reader will look around for a “contact me” area. Make it easy for them and put the contact information within the profile as well as on the menu item of your virtual assistant website.

The other factors of your virtual assistant profile should be that it should be completely honest about the services you provide and the level in which you provide them.

Your virtual assistant profile should NOT include any information about your personal life other than a brief mention on your “about me” page of your virtual assistant website that you are married and have children if this is the case.

Most business owners would rather not be confronted with your entire life story on your virtual assistant profile. Save that information for your personal social networks, rather than places you’re hoping to attract clients. A virtual assistant profile, at its core is designed to attract clients so know who that client is before writing it.

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