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Virtual Assistant Perks

A Virtual Assistant is often described as someone who performs a number of clerical and administrative tasks for a company as a business owner from their own office usually at home.  But, I believe that a Virtual Assistant can be any type of assistant that works remotely using technology from home and this assistant can be either an employee or an independent contractor.

Much like an executive assistant who assists many different types of executives, in many different types of careers, so the virtual assistant also assists many different types of business owners with many different needs not all are administrative or clerical in nature. A virtual assistant can do whatever needs to be done and can often be both the right and left hand of the business owner. These tasks may be clerical in nature, but can also be related to social media, marketing, content production and more.

There are many who believe a VA is only someone who works from home in their own business, but that does not make sense to me. Sometimes a person can be an assistant virtually, while being an employee. The clue here is that if you are an assistant of any sort, and work virtually, using technology to accomplish your tasks, you are a Virtual Assistant. Expanding the definition is not a threat to our industry but rather being more inclusive can create more opportunities.

Having said that, the type of VA that is most often talked about here at VA moms is the sole proprietor business owner, however, some people would rather work for others as an employee, that does not make them any less a Virtual Assistant or any less professional.

There are many perks of having your own VA business here are a few:

  • Being your own boss – To some this is a great perk because they can determine their own goals and destiny.
  • Choosing your own hours – You can arrange your working hours around your family and other priorities allowing you to create the business that best suits you and your lifestyle. Additionally, you can readjust these hours when emergencies arise as long as you meet your deadlines.
  • Determining your own rates – You can decide what your rate of pay should be based on your skills and your needs.
  • Determining your own services – You can decide on what services you want to provide based on your skills and what you enjoy doing.

There are many more perks to being a virtual assistant not mentioned, that is where you come in, tell me what perks do you enjoy being a virtual assistant?

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