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VA Farms and the Dangers

VA farms can offer enticing job openings that make any new virtual assistant  think that they can get their start with such a company. For those with no experience, it can seem like a blessing to be offered work, no matter the stipulations.

However, there may be serious problems with these farms that will have you actually running the other way once you begin doing business with them.
You are treated like an employee.

VA farms tend to treat you more like an employee, even if you are under an independent contractor agreement with them. They may request certain hours for you to work and demand other requirements that they would of a typical employee. Many ride a thin line along the contract, as being an independent contractor for a company is different from being employed by them.

Unfairly low pay rates.

Another disadvantage of working with VA farms is the rate of pay. The farms get their work from the clients and then will then outsource the work to the virtual assistants they have hired for an unfairly lower rate.These rates are often much worse than legitimate temp agencies such as Manpower because they treat you “like” an independent contractor, yet pay you such low rates that once expenses and taxes are taken into consideration you’re lucky to be making minimum wage.

No freedom as a business owner.

A third danger with VA farms is the lack of freedom you have. Many virtual assistants choose to work at home in order to have more time for their family. With these VA Farms, their time can actually be just as limited as if they were working outside the home. With the outrageous demands that some farms ask, all of the flexibility, and other advantages offered by working at home with your own business can be missed out on entirely.

Do your homework.

The important thing to do is to do your homework. Check out any company you plan to work with and demand a fair living wage for your work. Do not under charge yourself just because there are people who will. The saying that “people get what they pay for” is true here. If someone is not willing to pay you the rate that you deserve, perhaps you do not need to work with them in the first place.

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