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Top 10 Traits of a Successful Virtual Assistant.

1. Dependability. As a virtual assistant, your client will depend on you to manage many details of their daily life. If you are hard to get in touch with or have a lot of personal drama, you will not be successful. A good virtual assistant is available when needed and doesn’t make excuses.

2. Ethics. Virtual assistants often handle sensitive information. You may have access to insider business information or credit card numbers. A good virtual assistant is ethical and does not compromise sensitive data.

3. Independence. Clients hire virtual assistants to save time and make their life easier. If you have to ask questions about every task you are assigned, you will be more of a burden than a help. A successful virtual assistant can take initiative and doesn’t need excessive guidance.

4. Communication Skills. Virtual assistants may never meet their client in person. That’s why it’s important to have excellent communication skills. You need to be able to present yourself to your client and his or her business associates in a professional manner over the phone and through written communication.

5. Problem Solving Skills. One role of virtual assistants is to give their client more free time for dealing with specialized issues. This means a good virtual assistant can solve problems on their own. You need to be able to fix small problems without getting the client involved.

6. Diplomacy. A successful virtual assistant knows how to keep everyone happy. Often VAs represent their clients in communication. Being tactful is extremely useful in many of these situations. You need to know how to turn people down as politely as possible.

7. Patience. You may encounter some stress working as a virtual assistant. It can be frustrating to work remotely, especially if your client can be hard to reach. A bit of patience goes a long way in this business.

8. Self-Discipline. Virtual assistants work from home where there are many distractions vying for your attention. You need to be able to focus on working and meeting deadlines without getting sidetracked.

9. Time Management Skills. Most virtual assistants have no set hours. This means it is up to you to schedule tasks and use your time wisely.

10. Flexibility. Even with the best time management skills, there may be times when last-minute tasks pop up unexpectedly. You need to be able to shift your schedule around to accommodate urgent tasks when needed.

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