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Top 10 Reasons To Have A Website For Your VA Business

I know, I know. You have so much to do and this is really at the bottom of your list. Way, way down there below cleaning out the gutters and alphabetizing your spice drawer.  Hear me out, though. You like money, right? The more clients you have the more money you make, right?  And the more money you make the bigger the shoe budget … oh, wait. Did I say that out loud? Forget it, just read the list.

  1. Having a website makes applying for jobs quick and easy. In fact, many times speed is of the essence when a hot job is posted on a forum. Just PM or email a link to your site with a quick note and you’re done. While everyone else is trying to get samples, links and cover letters together, you are already on to the next task. Or, better yet, already on Skype with your new client.
  2. A website creates a clean, professional image for you. From the perspective of a potential client, if your website looks professional then you must be, too.
  3. Think of your website as you hanging out a virtual “Open for Business” sign. It is your advertisement. Your “Hey! I’m here!” announcement.  You can even build backlinks to it to get even more business.
  4. It’s fun. Seriously, that long list of things to do that you have, I can almost guarantee you that building a website for yourself and your business is more fun than at least half of them.
  5. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. I didn’t bother Googling who said that but it wasn’t me.  You know that it’s true. A smart, clean & professional website makes a great impression on a potential client.
  6. Having a professional website for your VA business makes you look more like a “company” than a “person”, which appeals to some clients. Once they get to know you and the quality of your work, it won’t really matter but you need to get your foot in the door, right?
  7. Think of your website as a great place to display all your stuff in one convenient place, for you and for your clients. Be sure to include links to any articles, press releases, presentations or brochures that you’ve created over the years.
  8. Use the space to toot your own horn. It’s hard to do this face to face with a client or even over the phone for many of us (we talk more about this strange phenomenon in this post). Use your website to tell anyone and everyone about your degree(s), awards, certificates and anything else you are proud of accomplishing. You can even publish (with permission) compliments and thank you notes from other clients.
  9. You are a VA – as in virtual assistant. Prove to your potential clients that you know the virtual part of it, not just the assistant part. Show them that you can play with the big boys.
  10. Lastly, think of your website as a way to show potential (and existing) clients who you are. Let a little bit of your personality shine through. When choosing a VA online, most people no longer have the ability to get a feel for you, the way they would in an interview. A website can help.

OK. Did I convince you to get your butt in gear? Hopefully, the answer is yes. Good luck, get moving and go shoe shopping!

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