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The Value of Daily Goals

Do your kids or husband think you’re a control freak? I hate the term control freak but sometimes it just fits. I fall into that category many days. I don’t often do well with change. I am a big schedule person, and I like to do things on that schedule, and I never miss a deadline – until I had kids!

When you’re trying to raise a family and work from home, having the control freak personality can work against you. The stress you cause yourself and your family can become unbearable. Working from home is supposed to be less stress. The entire point in working from home for most moms is to be able to be here for our children, our spouses, and our family.

Maybe if you’re a control freak you need to learn to let go, and let others do things for you. And let them do it in their own way. If their way works fine, why does it have to be exactly your way? So what if the towels are folded vertical instead of horizontal? Do the towels fit in the cabinet? Are they clean? What difference does it really make in the scheme of life?

Sometimes you are going to have to let some things slide. So what if dishes get left undone at times. I bet before you started working from home dishes were left undone all the time. Did it really change much in your life? What has changed now? You’re still working, just from a different location. So if you have a deadline and your choice is deadline or dishes, the deadline has to come first.

But, here is the awesome point of working from home,  if the choice is deadline or sick child, the choice is obviously, sick child. Of course you can always outsource the work to someone else to keep the deadline – if you want to. (and let go of those results and let the person do their best work, what is the point of outsourcing if you’re going to micromanage?)

Sometimes work can wait, even deadlines. In our line of work, our children and family can come first, but not dishes, not a bit of dust. So what if a little bit of dust covers the furniture. It won’t hurt you. It won’t harm your kids.

You may be surprised that working from home carries its own stresses, and that even accomplishment can be stressful. You may feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of owning your own business and feeling 100 percent responsible for raising your kids and taking care of the household.

One  solution that works for me is to set daily goals. The goals include both family obligations, wants and desires along with the business side of things. Setting goals helps keep your balance between family and business obligations. Setting up these daily goals will help release some of your stress by helping you concentrate on smaller issues.

Some things to remember when setting up your daily goals.

There are no Super Moms.

Even if you do everything for everyone you still won’t ever do enough. You’ll just be more tired but no one will be more thankful. Sometimes teaching others how to treat you is hard, but it will be worth it, especially when it comes to your children. How you expect them to treat you in regard to your business will inform how they let others treat them when they are adults. Building a business takes time and effort so you will have to carve out that time, and you will need to ask for that time from your family.

One Step at a Time

The saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” fits here. Building a business takes time. Learning to balance both family and business takes more time. Try one new thing until you’ve tried it out. For instance, if you are working on marketing your business, and you learn a special strategy for marketing, try only that one thing at a time. Try it until you figure out it works or does not work. Once you’ve learned that well enough that it is on autopilot or you notice you have more time, then try the next thing.

One New Client at a Time

As you take on new clients try taking only one new client at a time. When you feel comfortable with the client you have, then take on another one. Spread out the work until you find your sanity level,  then you can add more projects. Taking the time to allow yourself the time to do your best work and meet deadlines will enable you to cut your stress level and build your momentum. Do not be afraid to turn clients away or explain that you do not have time right now but you will in two weeks.

Schedule Your Housework

There will always be housework to do, it never ends. Unless you can afford to outsource housework someone has to do it. So, schedule it into your day. It is good for you to get off your bottom and stand up for a bit doing chores. If you just schedule 15 minutes of chores per hour of paid work, you will feel more accomplished and probably gain less weight. I schedule my day so that my house looks nice by 4p.m. because that is right before my husband comes home. Don’t get me wrong he does chores too, but this is one thing I enjoy doing so I make sure it is done. I feel good about it and so does he. It’s a great feeling when your house is clean and then the family comes home.

Outsource and be Creative

If you have small children at home one of the best things you can do is to find some help. Find a mother’s helper, or someone who can come to your home and occupy your children while you get some solid work done. The cost will pay for itself and it is a tax deduction. Whether you feel that you can do this or not, set aside time during your day that is just for work, and some that is just for the kids. I have combined housework with kid time, when they are little it is fun for them. So I’m not mean! I’m just practical. Little kids love doing things in races, like picking up toys, matching socks, spraying things and wiping things. My girls loved it when we would turn the music up really loud and dance while cleaning.

Schedule in Free Time

I have a schedule in the morning where I just do what I want to do for about 20 or 30 minutes. I have my coffee, or OJ, and just do what I want, read what I want, take a brisk walk, or just sit there relaxing for a while.

Additionally, try to have at least one day that is ONLY for family. Many families choose Sunday for this but the day is up to you and your family. I rarely work on Sunday unless there really is not anything else going on. I prefer to spend it with my family. Whether it is watching TV, movies, going to the park, or just talking. Everyone needs one lazy day a week.

You probably think I am nuts. You’re trying to build a business and I’m telling you to take 20 minutes off and then an entire day off. Trust me when I tell you that your family will appreciate it and so will you. What is the point of success if you have alienated your friends and family?

Remember that each day brings a new opportunity to grow your business, become closer to your family and take time to enjoy the breeze.  Working towards a well balanced life can only increase your satisfaction in life and business. The value of creating daily goals is immeasurable when it comes to your children, your spouse, your happiness and your success working from home.

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