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The Dreaded Author Bio

As virtual assistants, we are quite used to marketing our clients. We write them up in a fabulous press release, chat to potential customers on the phone about their stellar sales record and even create a killer Facebook profile. We are trained to “sell” their good points without the least bit of self-consciousness, awkwardness or embarrassment. Even if it is a blatant exaggeration, we have no qualms sticking to the overly complimentary script. So, why can’t we do the same for ourselves? Why is it so unbelievably hard to write an author bio or an About Us page for ourselves? I’ve met very few mom VA’s (ok – none) that feel comfortable taking on this project for themselves.

In fact, it is downright impossible for many of us to toot our own horns. It’s like we somehow think that because we work from our own homes (while also taking on the responsibilities of raising future citizens of this world, I might add)that we are no longer as important as someone on the fast track to the corner office. Well, I’ve got news for you, ladies; I have a corner office. Ok, it’s a desk, in the corner behind the sofa, but it’s got a window. The point is that I work. We all work. And, we do a pretty good job of it, too. It doesn’t make any difference that we occasionally do it at 2am and in our coffee-stained pajamas.

I bit the bullet last week and wrote my bio. It was tough, probably the hardest thing I’ve written in a long time. I tried to approach it as if I were writing it for a client. I jotted down all my accomplishments, hobbies, quirks, and personal stuff. When you write it down in black and white, it is easier to see exactly how much you have accomplished, even if it is interspersed with pregnancy, childrearing and the occasional odd job to pay off a bill. In fact, I kind of surprised myself, maybe you will, too. If you are new, get creative, just like you would for that boss, that client. Raising toddlers can become “skilled conflict resolution”. Front desk receptionist could be “interpersonal communication skills”. Facebook and Twitter addiction can translate to “Social Media expert”.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you lie, just glamourize things a little. Sugarcoat it. An action verb here, a flowery adjective there and you’ve got an all-star bio for your blog. Add a few more professional qualifications and some handy VA skills that you’ve picked up and it turns into an undeniably impressive About Us page on your Virtual Assistant website (and, if you don’t have one of those, let’s talk more next week).

Still feel uncomfortable? It’s ok. I am a fairy godmother in my spare time (a young one with no gray hair). I hereby grant every Virtual Assistant mom permission to “talk” themselves up, to make themselves sound important and to brag as much as they want. So, get out there and write a bio. Give yourself a compliment, or two. You deserve it.


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