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Ten Jobs a Virtual Assistant Can Do (Part 5 of 5)

Virtual assistants are skilled in many areas. Here are just a few of the various tasks a virtual assistant can offer to carry out for their clients.

1. Appointment confirmation calls. A virtual assistant can call the client’s customers the day before scheduled appointments to confirm the appointment. This can reduce the number of no-shows and wasted time on the client’s part.

2. Set up online accounts. A VA can help market a client’s business by setting up and managing online accounts. Internet marketing often involves registering for multiple article directories and blog forums. A VA can sign up for these services on the client’s behalf and keep track of postings.

3. Look for places to get links. Virtual assistants can scour the internet for good places to get relevant links to the client’s business website. This might involve checking a site’s page rank, doing detailed google searches, and emailing webmasters to request links.

4. Keep track of tax deductions. A VA can keep track of a client’s potential tax deductions as they are incurred by compiling electronic receipts and using tax preparation software.

5. Oversee maintenance. Virtual assistants can find and schedule maintenance at their client’s office such as janitorial services and even arrange payment.

6. Order and design stationery. VAs can help create business cards and design letterheads for the company and place orders for these items.

7. Send thank you cards. A VA can take the time to compose hand-written thank you notes for clients who want to offer a personal touch to their customers to stand out in the crowd in the age of impersonal technology.

8. Coordinate repairs. A VA can help their client solve technical problems such as broken printers or computer issues by finding a solution online or arranging visits from repair technicians.

9. Real estate listings. A VA working for a realtor can compile data about a property listing and create detailed website entries with descriptions, photos and videos.

10. Collections. Virtual assistants can call or send letters to any of the client’s customers who have outstanding balances.

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