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Ten Jobs a Virtual Assistant Can Do (Part 4 of 5)

Here are just a few of the many services a virtual assistant might want to offer to clients.

1. Research. A virtual assistant can carry out research on any subject imaginable, from new product ideas to clever business strategies.

2. Translation. A bilingual virtual assistant can do translations of emails written in another language or even translate a company’s website.

3. Web Design. A VA with a background in graphic design might create company logos or overhaul their website to make it look more visually appealing.

4. Recruiting. Virtual assistants can help a client find new employees by writing ads and posting them. They can even put together a team of outsourcers to work on a particular project.

5. Finding leads. A VA can help a client in a sales-based industry by looking for new leads and passing along their information.

6. Follow-up customer service. A virtual assistant can call a client’s customers a few weeks after closing a sale to make sure they are happy with their purchase and try to garner repeat business.

7. Make powerpoint presentations. A VA can prepare PowerPoint presentations that the client can use in meetings or to promote their business. This involves writing and graphic design skills as well as creativity.

8. Moderate forums. A virtual assistant can keep an eye on the forums of a company’s website to make sure no one is posting anything inappropriate. They can also relay frequently asked questions or comments back to the company so the website can address these issues.

9. Track website statistics. A VA can be in charge of checking the viewer statistics of a company’s website using programs like StatCounter or Google Analytics. They can report on any trends in visitors to the website and help identify the most popular pages as well as potential areas of improvement.

10. Create spreadsheets. Virtual assistants with Excel skills can create spreadsheets that will help make the work of the client go faster. A VA can take the time to set up a spreadsheet so that the client only needs to add relevant data and let the spreadsheet take care of calculations.

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