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Ten Jobs a Virtual Assistant Can Do (Part 3 of 5)

Here are ten tasks that a virtual assistant can perform on behalf of their client.

1. Interviewing potential employees. Trying to find a new employee sometimes means sorting through dozens of hopefuls who aren’t a good fit for the job. A virtual assistant can help narrow down the selection by conducting preliminary interviews and choosing finalists to interview with the client.

2. Getting tickets. A virtual assistant can help a client secure hard-to-find tickets for a special event so they can impress a special business contact. This might mean being on the ticket sales website the minute tickets go on sale or tracking down tickets for sale second hand.

3. Press releases. A VA can help a client write press releases to procure new business prospects. VAs can also submit press releases to newswires and other agencies for distribution and field questions from the press.

4. Putting together news clippings. A client who gets a lot of press might want their virtual assistant to search for news stories about their company and compile clippings and photos for them to look at or to create a portfolio for potential clients.

5. Social media networking. VAs can manage a company’s social media presence by taking care of updates and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other services.

6. Website updates. A virtual assistant can keep a company’s website up to date. This might mean posting the latest industry news, monitoring the forums, or writing new content for the site that gets people’s attention.

7. Handle mail. A virtual assistant can serve as a filter for their client by receiving their email and prioritizing it. The VA can respond to general inquiries and can forward the most pressing mail onto the client for a personal response.

8. Proofreading. A VA can proofread and edit emails and letters composed by the client to ensure that proper grammar and spelling are used and to make correspondence look more professional.

9. Newsletters. A creative virtual assistant with a knack for writing can put together newsletters that the company can send to their clients. This might mean composing articles and finding relevant photos. Many businesses like to send newsletters to remind customers of their presence.

10. Send and receive faxes. Many business people do not enjoy operating a fax machine. A virtual assistant can handle this by sending and receiving important faxes on the client’s behalf. The VA can then scan the most important faxes and email them to the client.

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