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Ten Jobs a Virtual Assistant Can Do (Part 2 of 5)

There are many tasks a virtual assistant can perform for a client. Most VAs are able to carry out a number of different jobs to help the client save time and the work is constantly changing. Here are just a few of the things a virtual assistant might do to assist their client.

1. Data entry. Some virtual assistants may be asked to help with data entry. Many clients don’t want to spend time entering data when they could be meeting their customers or making business deals so a VA can help free up their schedule by taking over this task.

2. Content writing. A VA with strong writing skills can offer writing services. Writing content is a great way to build links to a company’s website and push them to the top of search engine rankings which in turn generates more business.

3. Bookkeeping. Virtual assistants with a background in accounting can help keep financial details in order for clients. This could be as simple as balancing a virtual checkbook or as complex as keeping track of business expenses and helping to prepare tax forms.

4. Link building. Another task virtual assistants can help with is building links to the client’s website. This usually entails posting articles to article directories or commenting on relevant blogs and in forums.

5. Marketing. Virtual assistants can help a client promote his or her business. This might mean placing advertisements or calling potential clients.

6. Organizing data. A virtual assistant can help a client organize data and information. VAs can make databases with client information, enter business card details into a database, and so on.

7. Transcribing recordings. VAs can transcribe recordings of meetings, radio shows, or other audio recordings into a written format that the client can easily read or conduct text searches on.

8. Creating invitiations. VAs can help design and send invitations to events on behalf of their client whether it be a business conference or a child’s birthday party.

9. Buying gifts. A virtual assistant can help track down the perfect gift for a particular occasion, from a wedding anniversary to holiday client appreciation gifts. Sometimes this involves finding the best price or having something custom made.

10. Tracking down lost contacts. A client can give a virtual assistant details of past contacts he or she has lost touch with and the VA can use their research skills to track down the individual and try to renew the business relationship.

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