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Tax Mama Did It Again!

Keep READING for important Announcement & Invitation to a Webinar by Tax Mama!

Hey I know you don’t like the topic of taxes, but when you run your own business they are very important. First of all you don’t want to follow bad advice, secondly you don’t want to pay more than you are legally required to pay. I highly recommend and suggest that you get in line to purchase Tax Mama’s, Eva Rosenberg’s newest book:

Her handy checklists at the beginning of each chapter lets you know whether you need to read that chapter, and then exactly what to do to organize yourself so that you don’t miss anything. You’ll be less afraid of an audit, and you’ll know how to do things the right way, the legal way, and the way the IRS wants you to do them.

So get in line, get this book! You won’t be sorry.

OH and guess what…

Tax Mama is giving us a VERY SPECIAL class.

You can invite your friends, even if they’re not a VA this will be relevant to most service providers.  This is NOT an affiliate link. She’s just agreed to a cut rate and I wanted to bring this to you.

Title: Tax Issues for VasClick title to take you to the order page!

Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Speaker: Eva Rosenberg, EA – Your TaxMama® and Stephanie Watson,

Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm (Central Time)

Intro paragraph: This webcast will answer your questions about how taxes work, what income you need to report, bookkeeping tips and tools available to you, employee vs independent contractor issues, and a whole lot more.

Who should attend: Virtual Assistants who want to get better organized, keep more of your own money, and who want to improve your business and record-keeping skills – and perhaps offer more services to your clients.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of income taxes and how they relate to your business – and how to reduce your tax bite.

Topics covered:

  • What is income
  • What is an EIN – and how to get one
  • Licensing issues to consider
  • Checklists to help you
  • Employee vs independent contractor
  • Record-Keeping systems – free and paid
  • And more…
  • And all your questions

Level: Basic

Field of Study: Taxation

Prerequisites: None

Advance Preparation: None

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