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Supplies & Expenses


The necessary supplies and expenses for your virtual assistant business should be taken into consideration as you begin your new venture. The amount of supplies you will need will really depend on whether you plan to offer your services online only, or in your local area as well. The supplies and expenses may be a factor in your decision of where you want to promote your business.

There are some generic items you should have regardless of how you plan to promote your business. A computer is a must, as you will be preparing documents and answering emails for your clients. It is beneficial to have a laptop so that you can take your work with you when you travel. Common expenses will include telephone services, probably with long distance access, and the Internet. These will be needed no matter where your clients are located.

Local services will call for more supplies, but can also offer you more business with less competition. Many local clients will want you to print out the memos and other documents you create for them, so a computer, printer, ink, and paper will be required purchases. Your expenses will be transportation to deliver the paperwork you have created, as well as to attend any local meetings your clients may arrange.

If you plan to offer your virtual assistant services online, there will be fewer supplies and expenses needed. You may want to splurge on a wireless router for your Internet, as you may not always prefer to work in one location, especially with a laptop computer. You will also need a printer, and perhaps a scanner in order to get physical documents uploaded to your computer. A fax machine is another alternative to send clients any required paperwork.

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