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Spotlight Interview – Sheila Reithmayer

This is our next interview in a new series on the site – VA spotlight. We’re not looking for just Virtual Assistants – anyone that provides a service is welcome to be interviewed. That means if you’re a web designer, ghostwriter, copywriter, business coach, etc we would love to feature you! Please, fill out the form here and you’ll be contacted once your information is reviewed.

This week our expert is Sheila Reithmayer of  TSR Virtual Solutions. You will find a brief bio about who she is and below that you can listen in to her interview.

Sheila Reithmer

Sheila has over 18 year’s administrative experience.   She’ worked in many different industries & positions.  Sheila started off by working in receptionist type positions and climbed her way into more senior roles as her career progressed.

She first heard about a virtual Assistant about 2 years ago while working with a lady who had taken some courses.  She was very intrigued at that point but content with where sh was at in her career so she simply just kept the idea in the back of her head.  Shortly after that the company Sheila was working for went through a buy-out and the office was closed.   One day she was employed the next she wasn’t…..Sheila had to at that point reevaluate what she wanted to do with her life.  She figured after 3 buyouts, 2 office closures and never really feeling truly content or appreciated that she wanted to do something different.   It was at that point Sheila decided that she was going to try to see if she could make a go of this virtual Assistant thing.

In Sept/09 she started TSR Solution, and as with any new company she has been going through lots of changes and learning new and better ways of doing things trying to offer the best service to her clients that she can.You can learn more about Sheila and TSR Virtual Solutions at

Listen in to Sheila’s Interview

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