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Something You Want So Bad You Can Taste It

spark-an-ideaDo you have something you want so bad you can taste it?

Whether it be a certain career, a special computer system, a baby, or maybe just a candy bar?

I’m the type of person who is pretty level about the things I want. I don’t normally have a burning desire to do anything. I’m okay if  I get it or not. I’m a very satisfied individual. Some people might find me a little boring in my ability to be happy with where I am right now.

Until now.

Now that I have decided to work from home as a Virtual Assistant I have discovered many things that I want. None of them will kill me if I don’t have them, but there is a want that is totally unnecessary but something I now believe that I can work toward. I know now that I am going to be able to travel. I am going to bring my husband home  within the next three years and in less than a year I should be able to get something I really, really want, that is only for me.

It’s a tummy tuck.

Ever since I had my first child in 1986 by C-section, I have wanted to get a tummy tuck but I always believed it was too far off and too impossible to get something so frivolous. Well I don’t believe that any longer. Now I believe I can have it if I really want it bad enough.

So, to that end I have set up a Tummy Tuck Fund. My goal is to get this tummy tuck in March or April of 2010. Why then? Well, my youngest birth daughter graduates high school in May and it would be great to feel wonderful about myself for all the photos, and the raining down of in-laws and outlaws for the event.

Over the years I’ve gained and lost a ton of weight, but never can lose the “tummy tuck” part.

The GREAT thing about working for yourself is that you can literally give yourself a raise when you want it. For me a Tummy Tuck only means that I have to build five extra website /blogs between now and then, or work an additional 180 hours over what I need for sustainability.

That’s about 25 hours a month, or five hours a week give or take a few. It is completely doable.

So what is your burning desire? Is it a new career, a new car, a boat, travel? What do you really, really want? Figure out what it takes to get what you want, and go get it. It’s yours for the taking.

About Stephanie Watson

Mom | Wife | Virtual Assistant | Content Strategist
Stephanie has been working from home for over 20 years as a virtual assistant, template bender, and content writer. She's currently transitioning to business coach. You can learn more about her at her website


  1. This is great. I’ve decided that my goal to strive for is lasic eye surgery. I’m wanting this for my Christmas present to myself. I’ve has glasses or contacts since 1983. For once I’d like to wake up and be able to see.

    I say go for it! If it makes you feel better about yourself then you deserve it.

  2. I want to get my teeth whitened by that Zoom laser. It’s like 300-400 dollars, which is a lot to me, for spending on a frivolous item. But it will be so exciting to smile and the the coffee and red wine washed away!

    So you are saying I need to set up myself a tooth whitening fund?

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