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Sleep? Who Needs Sleep?

Gee, I am always talking about balancing work and family so that you don’t get burned out but sometimes I just FAIL.

If the technology doesn’t work, I often FAIL because I have to still meet my deadline while using alternative technology. (we have six computers here)

Even with so many computers, I am attached to mine. If it doesn’t work right I spend time trying to fix it instead of waiting for my DH to get home and fix it. He’s an expert at this, he built my computer. I should allow those with the proper skills to do their job and use an alternative computer. I have an external hard drive, all I have to do is plug it into one of the other computers!

If I take on a special last minute project without thinking about anything but the money, I FAIL.

Taking on any job just due to the money is a big fail and a big no no, but even though I know better sometimes someone apparently CAN buy me. It’s that need for groceries, medical care, etc… that does it, every time. But honestly, it’s not worth it to do that, so do as I say, not as a I do, and only take on projects that you love, that speak to you, and that pay.

IF I don’t get SLEEP, I FAIL.

I’ll tell you why. I stayed up till four am several nights in a row. So right now I am essentially caught up with all my brain can reasonably do tonight, yet I am awake, though not awake enough to be productive so, here, I write on the blog… telling you, don’t do what I do. Go to bed at a reasonable time each night, the work will still be there tomorrow.

IF I take THREE CLASSES I FAIL, actually I am not failing… doing well in fact.. but, still, Don’t take THREE classes in Graduate School While WORKING 🙂

Classes are almost over, assignments almost completed, will all be turned in by May 7th. Then it will be over till fall. I don’t think I’m taking three classes this fall. Lesson Learned.

So having said all that if I don’t learn from my own mistakes, I fail. And thank goodness I ALWAYS learn. I believe every second of life is a learning experiment, and I make sure to learn it all.

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  1. This is a great post. I’d also like to add that if i don’t eat right, get in some fitness time and have the chance to relax and be creative, then I also fail!

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