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Should service providers blog?

This is a tricky topic but the short answer is yes, you should blog. But as a service provider, on your service provider website you should keep the blogs professional, about possible services you offer, case studies, and that type of thing.

For the most part, depending upon your niche you should leave personal anecdotes about your kids, or that client that ticked you off, out of the blog. When you first start out you are going to want to add as much content to your blog as you can but once you get filled with clients you are not going to have time, and that is perfectly okay because that means you are busy with your clients and no longer need to promote yourself as much.

Even when you get busy, try to keep the blog updated at least once a week, just to keep it fresh, but for the most part it really is perfectly fine to let go of the blog a bit after you are established. But if you are not booked solid with a waiting list, keep on blogging, keep on doing article marketing, keep working with your Search Engine Optimization, SEO to try to get more visitors and clients.

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