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Should I take payments on my site?

Well, you can take payments on your site if you want to, I have payment buttons on my site but I can honestly tell you that for service products it is unlikely that anyone is going to just click the buy now button before speaking to you.

I have literally only had one time where someone, who did not know me, sent me money via one of my “buy now” buttons without talking to me first. Usually they talk to me, we talk about the scope of the project, work out a contract, then I send them an invoice via after the contract is signed.

So, I hardly see it as something you must do, however, I do have a problem with Virtual Assistant websites that do not list even a hint of their price point.  I am not sure if this is because I will not call any company without some idea of price ranges, or if because I cannot image anyone calling you if they do not have a price point. I’d love to hear from others about this issue. Do you put your price ranges on your site? Do you leave price ranges off your site? Why?

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