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See My Stand up Desk

We all know that sitting for more than four hours per day is going to kill us.

Seriously, if you’re a Virtual Assistant or have any position which requires an enormous amount of sitting each day, you are upping your chances of early death multiple times. Aside from the obvious issues with obesity associated with a sedentary lifestyle, sitting poses many risks from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) to heart attack. Most of us already sit a lot at home, watching TV, reading, and activities such as that, but to add to it working in a sitting position for 8 or more hours a day, you’re really just asking for issues.

As someone who is overweight already, even though I have lost 50 lbs in the last year, ( I need to lose another 60 or 70) it can be difficult when I sit all day long working. Due to all the back pain I suffer, I really sometimes just had no idea what I could do to help myself. I love my job. I love working from home. I even entertained giving it all up because of the pain I was suffering.

I started researching alternatives a couple of years ago because of these problems and what made it worse was the recurring pinched nerve in my back. Some days it was all I could do to focus for 30 minutes at a time to do my work.

In my research, I discovered many stand up desks but I felt like their price was too steep just in case I found that I could not actually focus and work while standing as well as I do while sitting. The prices start at about 450 to more than 1200 dollars!

So finally, last week out of desperation I asked my husband for help. I had to get more shots in my back, and I was really struggling to work. I had rigged up a plastic case that let me stand for parts of the day but it was not that comfortable since my monitors and mouse didn’t have room on the plastic case.

My husband said he was sure he could help and he did! He created a platform for my desk so that I can stand up.


My Stand-up Desk

My Stand-up Desk

As you see the keyboard and mouse go on top of the white shelf and I can stand comfortably and work.

I can also move the keyboard and mouse down, and sit to work without much of a hassle, so it works very well. Someone suggested to get a cushioned bar stool that would enable me to sit easier but right now this is working great!

Today is my first full work day using it and I have to say, I am loving it! It’s the best 20 dollars I ever spent.

It is almost quitting time at 5 pm and I am not suffering from leg numbness or pinched nerve pain at all. I also still feel very energetic, like I could work another 8 hours!

I was easily able to switch back and forth as I felt I needed from sitting to standing. I stood for many more hours than I sat as I am discovering it’s more comfortable working while standing than sitting! Who would have thought that?

I plan to give you updates on getting healthier while working a from home and give you updates on my stand up desk experiment.

I’m curious about what you think?

How do you feel about using a stand up desk?

What do you do to keep healthy while working a desk job?

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