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Scheduling Client Work around Your Home Life

One of the hardest parts of being a virtual assistant and a mom is scheduling client work around your home life. You want to balance both your client work and your time with your kids. The best way to achieve this balance is to work in small chunks. There are probably many moments in your day that you could use to get a bit of client work done. Be on the lookout for these times and use them to your advantage.

Immediately After Naptime

Yes, you can use naptime to be productive. But you can also use the first moments after naptime to work, too. While your child is still sleepy, give them a quiet activity to do like coloring or reading. This works especially well for children that are slow to wake up and need a few minutes to get going. While you wait for them to wake up, go ahead and take some extra time to work on a client project.

During a Movie

Thanks to devices like Apple TV and streaming services like Netflix, there are now hundreds of kids’ movies at your fingertips. If you need a large block of quiet time, try putting on a movie for your child. But it’s best to pick a movie they haven’t seen yet as that’s more likely to capture their attention.

Waiting Rooms

Whether it’s getting a cavity filled at the dentist or waiting in the car pool lane to pick up your child from school, you probably spend at least fifteen minutes waiting. That’s valuable time you could use to get a jumpstart on a project or send an invoice to one of your clients. Many places including doctor’s offices now have free Wi-Fi. Make a habit of storing your current projects in cloud-based software like DropBox. Then when you’re at a location that offers free Wi-Fi, you can open the app and get to work from your phone or tablet.

Track Your Time

If you just feel like there isn’t enough time in your day, spend a week writing down every activity you do. Then analyze your week and look for areas where you might be missing the opportunity to squeeze more work in. For example, if you take time to prepare meals every day, maybe you could delegate this responsibility to another family member or prepare meals in advance. By looking for little blocks of time that you can work in, you’ll find that you can balance your work with your lifestyle so that you get the best of both worlds.

Many parents find that they have to schedule client work around their home lives. While it may not always be easy, it can be done. That’s why it’s important that you prioritize at the beginning of each day and work on the most important tasks first.

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  1. My kids are all teenagers now so I don’t have to try to work around naptimes anymore, but that used to be a really good time for me. I’d also stay up for a few hours after everyone else went to bed and get a chunk of work done – actually, I still do that. I’m not a morning person and morning is just not productive for me at all so I keep my morning to-do list to the simple things that I can do half-caffeinated and then be able to dive in to get the serious important stuff done in the afternoon or in the evening 😉
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