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Schedule in Vacation Time

I know when our business takes off it is an exhilarating experience. We want to keep up the momentum for as long as we can. The problem is that we don’t take the breaks necessary to recuperate from all of that work. When you work at home, you never really leave work behind. It’s always present in your home office, in your mind, it can be everywhere. At some point you need to take a step back and evaluate what you’re doing all this for. Sometimes we start out working for the flexibility only to find ourselves working 40+ hours a week just because we never “leave the office”.

Schedule in a family vacation. Pick sometime in the next 6 months and start planning. Let the kids help if you have kids at home. Post pictures and other information about your vacation destination on a bulletin board to inspire you. Make planning a weekly or bi-weekly event. Discuss your destination and the different activities that are available for everyone. If you’re creative, start putting together a vacation scrapbook or planning journal.  Spending this time planning with your family will help enforce that they need to let Mommy work so that they can have all of your time during this vacation.

If a full week’s vacation isn’t in the schedule or the budget right now then plan some mini-vacations. Take a long weekend to somewhere within a 2-4 hour drive. Plan day excursions to your local attractions that you may not have time to visit throughout the year. Pretend you’re a tourist in the nearest city and explore all the ins and outs, eat at a local favorite restaurant, stay the night at a hotel even if home is just a couple of hours away.

Remember to leave work behind. Try not to check emails or answer business calls. Let all of your clients know that you will be out of town during this time and will be unreachable. This way, they are less likely to send you an email or call and will not be upset when they do not receive a quick response. They will not be upset if you warn them ahead of time. If you are going to be away for a week or more and you just HAVE to check your email or get a little work done then schedule it for when everyone is asleep or have your significant other entertain the kids while you disappear to work for a bit. Just remember that the vacation is just as much for you as it is for your family. So enjoy the break.

Michele Casteel is a freelance writer, ghostwriter and novelist who resides with her four rambunctious children and loving husband in the heart of the South. Last year she created her own small publishing company. She has recently released Writing Fiction 101 for beginners

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  1. I would love some help and support planning an actual vacation for myself. I haven’t been doing it and my life suffers as a result. Going to visit the family at holidays doesn’t cut it, and having my annual BellaOnline gathering is a working vacation. It’s been oh so long since I’ve done anything restful just for me.

    Can someone help me narrow down something I would like to do, that would be a real vacation, that is in my budget? I just need someone to bounce ideas off of, like a cheerleader.

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