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Saving for retirement when you work from home

It is very important to remember as an independent contractor you are the one who needs to put away money for you own retirement. You have no employer to take the funds out of your income, nor match the contributions, it’s all up to you.

Fortunately there are many options out there for you to get started on your retirement plans. Even if you are young it’s never too early to start planning for retirement.

The very first step should be to pay off consumer debt. If you carry consumer debt, especially today, start paying it off as fast as you can. However, if you do not have at least 8 months of living expenses even Suzie Orman is currently recommending to get the savings established first then pay off consumer debt.

When you work from home as an independent contractor it is even more important to develop a retirement savings and investing plan because no one is going to do it for you. There are many online tools that you can use.

Let me know, do you have a plan? Do you want a plan?

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  1. I love Suze. Or I used to, until her advice robbed my of good money with the best of intentions. 🙁

    But Yes, I am working on an emergency fund first and foremost, in an undisclosed secret location that does not involve my mattress.

    After that, there are those never to be ended student loans. At least there is no credit card debt and no mortgage. Everything I own is outright, except for an RV campground upgrade. I really should find a way to pay that off by selling a big thing or setting aside a fund for it.

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