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Right now I am at the beach, enjoying a wonderful sunrise

Thanks to working from home for myself as a Virtual Assistant I am right now, as you read this, at the beach enjoying a wonderful sunrise. Really I am, this post was scheduled, so I did not just write it. 🙂 That’s one thing that is really great about working for yourself, whether you’re a VA or you call yourself something different, working for yourself via the Internet gives you the freedom to do so much more with your life. It is amazing to be able to work anyplace there is an Internet connection.

We can do this due to cloud computing, we can do this due to high speed wireless Internet…. and I am so very thankful that these technologies exist.

So, while you’re sitting there thinking about working for yourself, I and others like me are already doing it. We are already realizing our dream, and I want you to know that you can do it too. You really and truly can. No doubt about it.

If you’re not sure how to start get some training, all of the training I talk about here on VA Moms is good training and I try to list training in various price points because I know some of you can’t or won’t spend too much money. I too balk at spending money sometimes so I get it.

Anyway, I am not working this week, OKAY, I have checked some of my email, I peeked, but I am NOT working 🙂 the, well I take that back I am writing a few articles during breaks from frolicking in the waves, but only because I WANT TO and because I can.

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