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Pneumonia, flu, and possible food poisoning and why working from home makes life easier

Since January my family and I have had our run of illnesses. This is just the immediate family, not counting the extended family who have also had some illnesses, some very serious. My husband and my step daughter work “outside” the home at their jobs and fortunately I don’t because if I did I am not sure how we could have survived the last few weeks.Asian girl sneezing in a handkerchief

While it’s true I have had to burn the midnight oil on many occasions due to needing to take care of my sick family, and yes, I had to just give up one day and devote myself to rest while I had the flu, guess what: I did not miss even one deadline!

Meanwhile my husband had to miss a few days of work, which required a doctor’s note. My step daughter also had to get notes for work and for school. I didn’t need a note because I’m my own boss. I make the rules, so therefore if I am sick, I get to be sick without worrying about someone else. Yes, I have deadlines, but no, I don’t keep specific hours for my clients. I do the tasks on my time, by the due date, or deadline, and when and how I do it isn’t really their concern.

I don’t clock in or out, and I don’t even have to tell anyone I’m sick if I don’t want to. You can also set your business up to work that way if you keep in mind that you’re the boss of your business. Do not try to jump through hoops with potential clients promising to keep all sorts of unrealistic hours, tracking every minute moment of time, and being “available 24/7” it just isn’t realistic.

Instead, create groups of tasks that you will perform for a specific amount of money, by a specific time each week or month.  This will give you a cushion of time. Of course, if you do this you can’t be the type of person who waits until the night before hoping you can get 20 hours of work done in one day…. you have to be dedicated to getting your job done and meeting your deadlines.

When I have a deadline, typically I am done before my deadline. I don’t submit the work until the day before the deadline at the soonest, but I get done by doing work every single day, and not waiting for the other shoe to drop, because I promise, it will drop. You will get sick, your kids will get sick, no doubt about it, if you wait until the day before to finish a project, you’ll have to be in ER instead.

What is your best organizing tip to stay on track of your work?

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