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Places to Find Requests for Proposals

One of the more challenging aspects of being a virtual assistant is finding requests for proposals. A request for proposal (RFP) is basically a job opening that virtual assistants can apply for. There are a few good places to look for requests for proposals.

One popular place to find RFPs is through freelancing websites. Sites like Guru, Odesk, and Elance are places where employers post jobs that freelancers can bid on. There are often dozens of RFPs available on these sites at any given time. Virtual assistants can also post their portfolio and other information for employers to browse. This can lead to direct RFPs which have less competition. These sites are free to join although in most cases you can pay a fee for extra exposure.

Sometimes you can find RFPs through newspaper ads. Looking at classified ads online is a lot faster because you can search the ads for relevant terms. You can also see newpaper ads from around the country since location isn’t necessarily important when working remotely as a virtual assistant. Craigslist is another site where people post a lot of job openings but it’s important to look out for scams. You should never have to pay a fee for a RFP.

You can also look in your community for RFPs. This requires a bit of networking. You might want to join your local chamber of commerce or Rotary club. This will enable you to mingle with business professionals in your area and often these meetings will result in RFPs. Vas with a specific niche like real estate or law can check for meetings of professionals in your area where you might be able to find some RFPs.

Some virtual assistants can find RFPs by talking with former employers. Your former employers know what kind of person you are and how you work. They know that you understand how their business works so this can be a great place to find RFPs as well.

Finding RFPs is not as daunting of a task as it might seem if you know where to look. It requires a lot of patience and persistence to get the best requests for proposals but landing a great client is certainly worth the effort.

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