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Packages instead of Hours

One thing that I have heard a lot about recently is to stop trading hours for dollars and to work on a “package” basis. This way you do not have to keep track of your time (although I suggest you do so that you can evaluate if your bids are in the range acceptable to you), and you are paid for a finite amount of work each week or month.

This enables you to organize yourself better, take on more clients, and know what is coming to you each month.

The way this works is that you come up with certain services for the client after an interview where you and the potential client determine their needs. Let the client guide you in what they need. For example:

Posting 25 blogs per month, Distributing Articles to 30 Article Marketing Sites, and organizing email 1 hour per day five days a week.

12 month contract = $ 900 per month plus reimbursables.

Keep good records of what you did, and when. I keep the record in Freshbooks ™ because you can set up projects easily.

The client pays monthly by a certain date, such as the 1st or 5th whatever you want. Then they are to submit all information that you need by a certain date, and you agree to have the work completed prior to the next billing cycle. Any extra work is billed separately, at an agreed upon hourly rate, and must have a 48 hour lead time for you to evaluate if you can fit it in or are able to complete the extra task.

This way no assumptions are made that you can do work at the drop of a hat, on the spur of the moment. This alleviates being over booked and over worked at the last minute.

You can offer this contract on a monthly basis without the yearly contract, but give discounts to long term clients who sign contracts. These are the type of clients that you want in your business. Long term clients are easier to work with as you create a good relationship, get to know their business, and are able to deliver higher and higher quality of work as time goes on.

Remember every job, even for a Virtual Assistant has a learning curve. It takes a lot of work to establish a relationship with a new client that is mutually beneficial and productive. Work hard to get the longer term clients and your business will thank you for it, and so will the clients.

Do you work on a package rate? Let me know how you like it and what your clients have said.

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