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Our last daughter is going to college

I mentioned earlier that our final of four daughters is going off to college this fall, but I had no idea how truly fast this would happen. She’s leaving in just 15 days! I’ll admit that part of me keeps saying “boy I can’t wait till she goes back to school so I can get more work done! ” — then it dawns on me that she’s not just going “back to school” she’s going away for college and that’s so different than just going to school doing the day. It’s bittersweet.

On one hand after raising kids since I was 20 years old, I am finally going to have some me time, but on the other hand I’ve always enjoyed my kids tremendously. I’ve been fortunate over the years not to have many “jobs” outside the home. I’ve been able to work from home for the most part, and support my family, even when I was a single mom for six years. These transitions in life always make me reflect on how truly fortunate I’ve been.

I did try having a job while being a single mom. When I graduated from college receiving a bachelors in business I thought it was the natural thing to do. My girls were older, so I thought it would be fine. But it wasn’t. It was awful. I made less money, worked longer hours, and hardly ever got to participate in my children’s activities. My oldest daughter had to drive herself to college! Once I realized that working from home was not just a hobby my income really took off.

I wonder, do you feel like being a VA is a hobby? Do you still think about getting a job? If so, why? You can make a full time living right from home, if you really put your mind to it. Have you really given it your all?

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