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Our last daughter has graduated high school

Faye Barry Graduation 2012

Faye Waving to Us in the Stands

Well, it’s done, she graduated. Everyone was here, and then they left, the week has gone by in a blur of activities and way too much eating (and drinking). It’s really hard to believe that our youngest has graduated high school. It feels like yesterday that I held my oldest in my arms on her birthday. Now, I will soon be sending my youngest off to college.

Of course, my  brother would probably deny that Faye is my youngest. He accuses me of collecting kids. You see, I have two birth children, one adopted child, and Faye who is my step-daughter. I consider her mine though. She lives with me and her father, my husband David, and I am the Mommy in this house! 🙂 But, I swear, she’s the youngest and the last child I will raise.

While I do miss my girls when they move on to their adult lives, I also look forward to the new freedom that awaits me as an “empty nester.” Granted, I don’t know what that really feels like yet, but I can imagine. Even though I am sad that one era is ending, I am excited that another is beginning. I’m sure those of you with young children feel like this time you’re in now, the sleepless nights, the baby barf, etc… will last forever, but I’m here to tell you that I’ve sent off four children, in what felt like a blink of my eye. The years behind me feel both long and short, but mostly short. I’m so thankful to have had the experiences that I have had with my girls.

But, I am excited about the experiences ahead for me and my husband. After August I plan to devote more hours to my business and expand a lot. Our goal is still to eventually be able to pay the high cost for personal insurance and bring David home from his job. To do that I need to triple my current income to replace his pay, plus the cost of insurance. I know, given the time and focus that this is possible.

That is what is great about having your own business. You call the shots. You say when, and who, and how much. Yes, I’m kind of quoting Vivian from Pretty Woman. I realize we have different jobs, but no matter your niche, being able to say when, who, and how much is essential to your freedom as a business woman (or man). Whether you have young children or not, being your own boss can be an amazing experience that allows you to actually be present when your children are growing so that when they are grown, in the blink of an eye, you will have been there to actually see it.

What are your struggles as a stay at home or work from home mom? If you have questions, I’m here to answer, if you have answers we’re here to listen. Share anytime.

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