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“Opportunities don’t come knocking, they catch you when you’re out and about.”

VAmomsGraphic1.5A friend of mine said this the other day in a Facebook discussion. It really struck me as something important because there are a few things I struggle with when it comes to networking.

The quote really struck me because what she says is true. It’s true for anyone. We aren’t “lucky” when we find opportunity. It really is by design. Opportunities cannot occur in a vacuum. You have to do something in order for the opportunity to present itself.The most important thing you have to do is be fully present completing the actions necessary to achieve.

 It all goes back to desire creating action that leads to success.

Regardless of how you feel about something today, do the actions necessary to move forward that allow all those opportunities to catch you. Be present. Be ready. Be busy doing the things that create opportunities for success.

Please answer this question:

What is something you can do today, that ensures you will be able to produce the opportunities you desire, to achieve the success you deserve?

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