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Being a Niche Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can do a variety of work.  But some people prefer to stick to something specific whether it is a topic or a specific job.  Maybe this is something that you would want to consider, but what exactly does it entail?

Niche Virtual Assistant

A niche virtual assistant means that you specialize in one type of work for your client.  Maybe you have an accounting degree and want to stick to doing books for your clients.  By being a virtual assistant, you can do the accounting for a variety of clients.  But as a virtual assistant, you can also assist with anything accounting related for your clients that does not always have to do with the books.  Maybe they run a blog about accounting and want you to write some articles or maybe they want you to create some spreadsheets for them.

But you may also choose just to do accounting but for whatever industry of people that need your help.  While this may restrict you a little bit, by specializing in just one area, you may find it easier to get clients as you will have more value as you are an expert at what you offer.

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